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Welding Auditor [ISO 3834-2/EN 15085] (Certified by TUV Rheinland)

Welding Auditor [ISO 3834-2/EN 15085] (Certified by TUV Rheinland)

Course Code: WAD-01

Duration: Two Days

Course Objective

Experience Certified Welding co-ordinators can be Certified Welding Auditor for PED,ISO 3834-2, EN 1090 &EN 15085-2 to find out gap from manufacturing unit and requirement as per Code & Standard by scientific auditing system, working with guideline of international standard of quality management systems with risk analysis can be done by the participants at the end of the program

Course content
  • IntroductiontothePED,ISO 3834 -2, EN 1090 & EN 15085-24
  • Scope of Audit
  • Process approach based quality management system
  • Control of documents & control or record
  • Audit Welding coordination personal for Taskandresponsibility/S014731
  • Audit of WPS&WPQR
  • Audit Welder Training&Certification[Qualification&Qualified]
  • Audit Welding Traceability[Purchase/careinstorage&handling/Identification]
  • Audit Safetyprecautionsinwelding;
  • Audit DT & NDT Welddefects-causes&cures;Acceptance,ISO5817/ISO 10042
  • Case study and course evaluation;

Live demo & hands on experience with Plasma – OF Cutting, Brazing and Welding to familiarize with the variables of welding processes-i.e.311,111,114,121,125,131,135,136,138,141,142,143&145,influencequality thermal spraying to familiarize with their merit & demerits;

  • Live demo & hands-on experience Destructive tests -Metallographic & Hardness;
  • Live demo & hands-on experience Non-Destructive Tests for surface & subsurface discontinuities;
  • Films on the technology of welding.
Who Should Attend?

Engineers and managers responsible to guide the team of welding personnel of their industry: Third party Inspectors/ Internal Auditor/Inspection company representatives/Welding Engineer/Welding Technologist/Welding Inspectors/ welding coordinators/Welding supervisors/Welding Instructors

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