Institute of Welding & Testing Technology

Welding Auditor [ISO 3834-2/EN 15085] (Certified by TUV Rheinland)

Welding Auditor [ISO 3834-2/EN 15085] (Certified by TUV Rheinland)

Course Code: WAD-01

Duration: Two Days

Course Objective
To find out, a gap from manufacturing unit and requirement as per code & Standard by scientific auditing system, basic knowledge about welding & NDT, Working with the guideline of an international standard of quality management systems with risk analysis can be done by the participants at the end of the program
Course Theory
  • Introduction to the ISO 3834 & EN 15085
  • Scope of Audit
  • Process approach based quality management system
  • Control of documents & control or record
  • Welding coordination – Task and responsibility ISO 14731
  • Importance of WPS&WPQR
  • Welder Training & Certification [Qualification & Qualified ]
  • Welding Traceability [ Purchase / care in storage & handling / Identification]
  • Safety precautions in welding
  • Weld defects – causes & cures; Acceptance, ISO 5817
  • Case study and course evaluation
Course Practical
  • Live demo and practice of Cutting, Brazing, Welding processes (OFC, OAW, SMAW, FCAW, SAW, GMAW, GTAW, PAC)and thermal spraying to familiarize with their merit& demerits
  • Destructive tests – Metallographic & Hardness
  • Non Destructive Tests for surface & subsurface discontinuities
  • Films on the technology of welding
Who Should Attend?

Engineers and managers responsible to guide the team of welding personnel of their industry; Third party Inspectors / Internal Auditor / Inspection company representative / Welding Engineer / Welding Technologist / Welding Inspectors / Welding Co-ordinators / Welding supervisors / Welding Instructors

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