Institute of Welding & Testing Technology

Welding Design For Engineers

Welding Design For Engineers

Course Code: DGN-01

Duration: Three Days

Course Objective

Blueprint drawing is basically a conceptual product, reflecting the true spirit of designers for orderly fabrication, and plays the most pivotal role in the industry at the stages of planning, procurement, production, inspection or even after in service to resolve the disputes arises, if any. Thus the great man’s responsibilities lay alone with the designers to originate unambiguous blueprint by incorporating national or international standard scheme of welding symbols to be overall competitive in achieving the 3Ps (Performance, Productivity and Profitability)objectives of their industry.

Course Theory
  • Welding processes & their inclinations towards gainful use in industry
  • Metals & their response towards Welding, Brazing and Soldering manoeuvres
  • Weld design principle – Class, Type, Size, Profile & Joint preparations
  • Sign languages, as effective tools of communication, in making blueprint-drawings
  • Weld discontinuities, defects, and the standard of acceptance
  • Choice & estimation of welding consumables requirement
  • Basics of non-destructive tests [NDT]
Course Practical
  • Live demo to familiarize with the merits & demerits of welding processes
  • The practice of applying standard welding symbols with reverse exercise, as well
  • Demo of DT – includes Metallographic, Tensile, Bend, & Impact-tests
  • Demo of NDT – i.e. PT, MT, UT &RT-film reading
  • Evaluation of likely weld imperfections
Who Should Attend?
The three-day workshop will be beneficial particularly for Design Engineers, Design Managers, Welding Engineers, Chartered Engineers, accountable for drafting the fabrication drawings for welding. The course is aimed at those participants engaged with Turnkey Contractors, Project Consultants and the Companies associated with Aerospace, Armament, Automotive, Locomotives, Shipping, Construction& material handling-equipments, Plant& Machinery associated with Energy and Petrochemical industries etc.

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