Institute of Welding & Testing Technology

Third party Inspection Services

Third Party Inspection and total Solutions in areas of Engineering with specialization in Welding, Brazing, Soldering, Cutting, NDT & Paint –coating related issues under one roof. Inspections are based on our experience of the last 33 years. IWTT has provided solutions related to weldengineering issues and performed failure ana lysis on components from petrochemical plants, oil and gas transmission pipel ines, offshore structures, ships, pharmaceutical plants, processing equipment, gas turbine engine components, metros, aircraft, aerospace vehicles, automobiles etc.

Companies face risks every day they are part of normal business life. In a climate where undesirable events and missed opportunities may impact on profits and shareholder value, it is crucial to strike the right balance between risk adversity and conscious risk-taking. To do this it is essential to understand the complex picture of not only financial but also technological, environmental and social risks relevant to your company.

We add value to the general approach offered through Inspection to international standards by inviting management to identify the issues of greatest concern. The identified focus areas receive specific attention during the next audit. In this way, we can tailor audits to focus on what is most important to your business while checking compliance with the elected standard.

You can reduce time spent reacting to events, and define your own customized path towards business improvement and sustainable growth. Let us guide you in a unique process tailored to your specific needs, focusing on what is important to you.

All management system certificates are not equal. When partnering with us, you begin the road towards continual improvement and sustainable business performance.

"We consider our clients as our partners in quality management, we take pride in economic benefits that accrue to our customers from their business process and practices."