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Certification Of Painting & Coating Inspector

Certification Of Painting & Coating Inspector

Course Code: CPC-01

Duration: Three Days

Course Objective

The course provides QA Coating Inspectors, QA Painting Inspectors training and includes multiple workshops and problem solving exercises for QC Engineers, Technology of painting and coating changing the scenario worldwide to redesign the most desired surface texture to combat wears, adds aesthetics, and value to the product. Infact there is no industry or product where there is no demand for certified Painting Inspection Personnel to warranty the international quality work to save from the last minute embarrassment and High cost to their industry and understanding of potential safety hazards associated with painting & coating

Course Content
  • Introduction to the paint & coating technology with corrosion prevention requirement
  • Recognize the common duties, responsibilities, and the role of an industrial coatings inspector
  • Application of paint & coating
  •  Coatings inspection can help prevent premature coating failure
  •  Safety precaution essential for paint & coating inspectors;
  •  Code/Standard & Specification
  • Surfacepreparationforpaint & coating
  • Type of paints
  •  Type of coating
  • Defects in Defects[Cause & Remedies]
  • Prepare an inspection plan/procedure
  • Basics of NDE/NDT Methods & their selection criteria.
  • Paint & coating inspection
Course Practical
  • Live demo of surface preparation
  • Paint/Coating/Inspection practice
  • Adhesive testing/DFT/Holiday detector
  • Checking of paint quality / Destructive testing
  • Prepare an inspection plan/procedure
Who Should Attend?

This knowledge based, non-residential, work-shop will be highly bene@cial for the personnel mainly responsible to supervise the QC in painting & coating; aimed at meeting the demands of engineers engaged with Turnkey Contracts, Project Consultants and the Companies associated with Automotive, Armament, Aerospace, Locomotives, Construction-Equipment & Machineries associated with Energy and Petrochemical industries etc.

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