Institute of Welding & Testing Technology

Certified Robotic Arc Welding

Training Objective:

Robotic arc welding technicians or operators certification Welding robots have been used by the manufacturing industry since 1970’s, in the form of mechanized welding processes. The skill of the specially qualified personnel drives the success of robot welding and optimizing the high quality output. AWS has also recognized the need of certified individuals in robotic arc welding for the quality through put in the industry. Based on the AWS QC 19 standard and AWS D16.4 specification Institute is thrilled to offer the brand new Certification Program for Robotic Arc Welding - Operators and Technicians. This certification allows many welding personnel employed in various welding sectors to measure themselves against standards for their occupation. It also signifies that the train operator or Technician has demonstrated the capability of working with various codes, standards, and specifications. Since proof of active practice or re-examination is required every year.