Institute of Welding & Testing Technology

Certification Course For The Metallurgical Lab Technicians

Certification Course For The Metallurgical Lab Technicians

Course Code: MLT-01

Duration: Six Days

Course Objective
To enable incumbent technicians to secure adequate expertise to work as smart lab technicians to facilitate industry to realise their quest for achieving excellence in international quality standards. This course is well planned to enhance the knowledge & expertise, pertaining to the desires of modern welding fabrication, and enable to study with ease by the personal involvement of well-experienced workshop faculty
Course Theory
    • Role, responsibilities & duties of lab technicians in the industry
    • Fundamental rules & regulations relevant to the NABL labs
    • Codes & standards prevalent in our industry for the destructive checks
    • Various specifications, type & grades of ferrous and nonferrous metals
    • Chemical & physical traits of metals and their validation
    • Basics of metallurgy & heat treatments
    • Fundamentals of the fusion welding processes
    • Identification of base metal’s related discontinuities
    • Identification of weld metal’s related discontinuities
    • The significance of the different destructive testing techniques in weldments
    • Special cares in making test specimens
    • Fundamentals of UTM testing machines for making all-weld & transverse tensile tests
    • Calculations of YS, UTS, Reduction area and Elongation
    • The nitty-gritty of impact & hardness tests
    • Care in making impact & hardness test samples
    • Principles and care in making metallographic test specimens
    • Reporting & traceability of the test samples.
Course Practical
  • Live demo and practice of Welding processes with merit & demerits
  • Handling UTM, Impact & Hardness testing apparatus
  • Evaluation by the metallographic test
  • Film & audio-visuals.
Who Should Attend?
Metallurgical lab technicians engaged, particularly with the destructive tests.

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