Institute of Welding & Testing Technology

Inspection Services

Inspection Services

Global Network our Partners are around the world. that caters quality, efficiency and worldwide network for our partners. Not fault finding fact finding and providing solution.

Third Party Inspection and total Solutions in areas of Engineering with specialization in Welding, Brazing, Soldering, Cutting, NDT & Paint–coating related issues under one roof. Inspections are based on our experience of the last 27 years. IWTT has provided solutions related to weld-engineering issues and performed failure analysis on components from petrochemical plants, oil and gas transmission pipelines, offshore structures, ships, pharmaceutical plants, processing equipment, gas turbine engine components, metros, aircraft, aerospace vehicles, automobiles etc. Companies face risks every day; they are part of normal business life. 

In a climatewhere undesirable events and missedopportunities may impact on profits andshareholder value, it is crucial to strike theright balance between risk adversity andconscious risk-taking. To do this it isessential to understand the complexpicture of not only financial but alsotechnological, environmental and socialrisks relevant to your company.We add value to the general approachoffered through Inspection to internationalstandards by inviting management toidentify the issues of greatest concern.The identified focus areas receive specificattention during the next audit. In this way,

we can tailor audits to focus on what ismost important to your business whilechecking compliance with the electedstandard.You can reduce time spent reacting toevents, and define your own customizedpath towards business improvement andsustainable growth. Let us guide you in aunique process tailored to your specificneeds, focusing on what is important toyou.All management system certificates arenot equal. When partnering with us, youbegin the road towards continualimprovement and sustainable businessperformance.

Our Core Values

Profession Attitude

Make decisions base on fact so that inspection are fair, impartial and consistence.



Training / Experience



Caring for the environment and community.



Pioneering the spirit of Innovation creativity



Inspectors should live by the rules, act with complete honesty, intensity, responsibility.



Knowledge of drawing, specifications, processes method.



Forstering relationships for a lifetime.



Leading with passion to excel.