Refresher Course In Welding Technology

Course Code: WPE-01

Duration: Six Days

Course Objective

Fabrication by welding requires an unequivocal understanding and analytical approach towards ever shifting innovative technology of welding, cutting-processes & consumables. Workshop managers & engineers need be proficient enough to work together in tandem for bringing worthwhile solution by analyzing the intricate needs of their welding shops by making smart use of every available resource men, machine & materials for the corporal progress in productivity, quality, and the cost reduction benefits.

Course Theory

  • Introduction to the spectrum of welding & cutting technology
  • The significance of safe working practices in weld-shop
  • Choice of cost-effective welding, brazing, cutting process& systems
  • Variety of welding consumables – type, size, class & care in handling
  • Preference of alternate consumables for joining similar & dissimilar metals
  • Fundamentals of welding metallurgy & heat-treatment
  • Weldability of metals & weldability test
  • Basics of weld geometry and the joints specification
  • National and international schemes of welding symbols
  • Categories of weld defect – causes & Cures
  • Distortion in fusion welding – roots & remedies
  • The significance of WPS, PQR & WPQR in a fabrication shop
  • Quality assurance & quality control programs in welding
  • Basics of destructive & non-destructive tests
  • Course evaluation & open session

Course Practical

  • Live demo and practice of Cutting, Brazing and Welding processes (OFC, OAW, SMAW, FCAW, SAW, GMAW, GTAW, PAC) to familiarize with merit& demerits
  • Destructive tests –Tensile, Bend, Impact, Hardness & Metallographic
  • Non Destructive Tests for surface & subsurface discontinuities
  • Films on the technology of welding, metallurgy and heat treatments

Who Should Attend?

Week-day work-shop intended to boost the level of self-confidence amongst participating engineers and managers responsible to keep an eye on production welding. In its true essence intended to support the industry looking towards the high-end quality welding, i.e. aerospace, armament, automotive, locomotives, material handling-equipments, shipbuilding etc.

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