Certification Course In Structural Welding (Under The Maharashtra State Board Of Vocational Education Examination)

Course Code: ESW-01

Duration: Six Months

Course Objective

To enable students to acquire suitable knowledge & skills to work as smart structural, repair & maintenance welding personnel or by the virtue of work experience to position themselves as sovereign entrepreneurs. The certification course is well designed to enhance the knowledge & expertise pertaining to the fabrication of sheet-metal, structural-fabrication, fastening, repair and maintenance by the modern welding techniques enabling youths to imbibe by the exposure of frequent calls & sermons from the industry experts.

Course Theory

  • Introduction to the current welding, Brazing, Soldering, Cutting & Gouging processes
  • Discipline essentials in the industry for safe working environments
  • Principle & applications of allied thermal spraying systems in the industry
  • Identification and care in handling Equipment, Tools & Accessories
  • Essentials of welding metallurgy & weld-ability
  • Weld joint design principles, preparation & techniques
  • Decoding the right joint welding specification from the blueprint drawings & symbols
  • Merits, demerits and selection of modern welding, cutting and gouging systems
  • Type, size, classifications of welding consumables
  • Choice of right welding consumables for similar & dissimilar metal joints
  • Wear analysis and the choice of right surfacing weld deposit & techniques
  • Care in storage & handling welding consumables
  • Economical choice of welding-process, joint-design & positions
  • Welding defects and distortion – cause & Cures
  • Choice of national/international structural-welding codes, standards & specifications
  • The significance of approved welding procedure & welders in the industry
  • Identification of variables for developing the right welding procedures
  • The significance of destructive testing techniques & procedures;
  • The nitty-gritty of non-destructive testing [NDT] i.e. VT, PT & MT for surface defects
  • Fundamentals of non-destructive tests [NDT] i.e. UT & RT for sub-surface defects
  • Quality assurance & quality control practices in modern welding fabrication
  • Welding inspection tools & essentials – before, during & after-welding
  • Personal hygiene & health awareness to be effective in welding fabrication

Course Practical

  • Live demo and practice of Welding, Brazing, Soldering, Cutting and Gouging processes with their merit & demerits
  • Learning the basics of fusion welding & cutting, making stringer-beads, weave-beads, butt, corner, lap, and T-fillet joints on sheets, plates, tubes & pipes in down-hand, horizontal and vertical welding positions. Practical exercises will be carried out well within the guidelines issued by the MSBVE Examination Mumbai
  • Self-evaluation of surface & subsurface discontinuities or defects by the destructive and non-destructive (DT &
    NDT) testing
  • Films on the technology of welding

Who Should Attend?

Degree or Diploma of any branches or Xth + any welding course under the MSBVE passed out students with inclination to become vigilant quality surveyor of fabrication, repair & maintenance by welding in industry such as Aerospace, Automotive, Railways, Ship-building, Mining,Constructions of bridges, Cement, Textiles, Fertilizer, and Power-plants etcetera.

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